Reunion with Aba Hagan in Ghana


Today, Sunday, I went off to visit with Aba Hagan, the Manageress at AAK Teachers Credit Union in Abura Dunkwa, Aba was part of the Womens Mentorship program and stayed with our family when we lived in Abbotsford.  Bri also visited with her and her son, Kwame when she was in Cape Coast last August.


it was great to see her – their home is finished and is very nice. I met with her and her hsuband and Kwame and Felicia. Then Aba took me to her home village – about 15 minutes by vehicle on remote roads. The village just got electricity in 2012. Aba took me there to meet her family – her brother has passed away and all her sisters and brother are in the village with her nieces and nephews. The funeral is tomorrow.  Funerals are a big thing in Ghana, and for Aba’s family it has more significance as they are part of the Chief’s Royal Family. The previous chief was her uncle – I couldnt figure out the connection to the current chief, but there is a relatively close relation.

So, introducing a white man to people in the village where she is a Royal is a big thing. it was refreshing to meet these people – some very old ladies and men who wanted to meet me. My accent must be quite funny, because when I say hello and ask them their name in Twi they all smile and laugh. But they understand, ask me back. Some even break into conversation in Twi with me until I hold up my hands and smile…..then some one lets them know that I dont know many words… is fun.


The village is small – Kwame didn’t know how many people live there. But you can walk around the village in 10 minutes and boy it was hot today. As it was Sunday, and there was another funeral already taking place, all the people were in their forma Ghanaian dress – black and white, or red or black. Yet, they are all cheerful at this point – they remember the good times and are happy that the family is all together again. Some travel for 8 hours to be at the funeral.

I will post a few photos at the flickr site tomorrow….. 


One thought on “Reunion with Aba Hagan in Ghana

  1. Wow. I diddn’t realize that Aba was royalty. That must have been a powerful experience being invited into her village, and seeing another funeral taking place. I’m guessing that not too many obruni (sp? – white man) get invited to her village.

    I can totally picture you saying hello and asking their name in Twi 😉 It sounds like it was a really interesting day.

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